Improve your skateboarding skills with our certified instructors for all skill levels. Whether you never touched a skateboard in your life or are looking for competitive training or anything in between, our in-person locations include San Francisco Bay Area, Los Angeles/ Orange County and Chicago.

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Learn how to rollerskate with our certified instructors and custom tailored lessons for all skill levels. Whether it's first time ever, or it's been a long while since you last skated, or you've been skating for years, in-person locations include San Francisco Bay Area, Los Angeles/ Orange County, Las Vegas and Chicago.

Ages 5+
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Improve your rollerblading abilities with our custom tailored lessons and certified instructors, for all skill levels. Whether you blade recreationally or aggressively, in-person locations include San Francisco Bay Area, Los Angeles/ Orange County, Las Vegas and Chicago.

Ages 5+
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Adult skateboarding Lessons

Whether you're an adult who wants to learn skateboarding for the first time or tried it in the past and want to get better at it, our adult specific curriculum provides a safe and fun method of rapid progression learning. Coach Marko is a master adult skateboarding coach who has successfully trained even the most timid adult students of all ages. Adult skateboarding lessons are offered throughout the Country. Start by picking up Marko's book "Later Skate: Ultimate Guide To Learning Skateboarding Later in Life" to prepare for your lessons.

complementary consulting

SK8 GYM is happy to provide you with honest, unbiased, customized and completely free advice on how to go about securing the best skateboard, rollerskates, and/ or rollerblades as well as protective gear, prior to purchasing. Skateboard or skates specification and protective gear recommendations are fully customized for you or your student based on several factors. You will be provided options that best suit your skating style. Please contact us via email at and one of our  advisors will be happy to support you!


Do you or your little shredders need some ramps to use when practicing at home? We offer small wedge ramps good for beginner and intermediate level skaters. The dimensions are 24" wide x 36" long x 6" high. High quality craftsmanship, built by experienced carpenter based in Chicago. One ramp: $350, 2 ramps: $600. Free delivery in Chicago area. Ships to lower 48 states.

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Abigail Pack

SK8 Gym is absolutely amazing and Marko is a fantastic teacher! His patience with children and adults is unmatched, and he is an extremely gifted skater and educator. My daughter feels totally comfortable with him and he is great at pushing her just enough so that she has the confidence to not only try new things but also succeed! The lessons he instills on the ramps extend to school and home life as well, and really help our child build the groundwork of healthy behavior and mental focus to accomplish anything. I cannot say enough good things about SK8 Gym and I would recommend them to everyone!

Binu P

I started taking lessons from Marko as an absolute beginner. Really like his style of coaching- very patient, helpful and knowledgeable. Would love to continue my lessons with him and recommend 100%.

Meghan Caudill
San Francisco

We've been happy Sk8 Gym clients for almost three years. Marko is a fantastic instructor and has been great with my 7yo, knowing when he needs a little hand-holding and when he needs a little push. It's been a positive experience for us and we'd happily recommend!

Dani Cooper
San Francisco

I recently enrolled my child in skateboarding lessons with this SK8, and I couldn’t be happier. The management & coaches are top-notch, creating a safe and enjoyable environment. The teaching techniques are fantastic, striking the perfect balance between skill development and fun. Overall, it’s been a positive and exciting experience for my child. Highly recommend!

Anosh Raj
San Francisco

I love my skateboarding lessons with Coach Marko! He is knowledgeable and patient which makes him a very effective coach. Skateboarding is both fun and a great workout.

Rachel Bell
San Francisco

My daughter (11) and I have been taking lessons (separately) through Sk8 Gym for three years. My daughter has also done the summer camps, which she loves. When I asked her what she likes most about Sk8 Gym, she said how the coaches encourage her to try new things and allow her to set the pace of learning. I appreciate how they provide specific, actionable feedback. For me, it's been instrumental to receive instruction in a way that's been easy to understand and repeat. I can see and feel the progress in better footwork and balance. The approach is methodical. The flexibility in scheduling has helped us stay committed to taking lessons and I don't see us stopping anytime soon. We're very happy we signed up with Marko and Sk8 Gym.

Sarah Grandi
San Francisco

Mason loooved the camp. Marco, the head instructor/owner, provided very close and kid-friendly supervision to my son and the other kids (2), who attended. Plus, they did fun activities, like movies, skateboard lessons (both theoretical and practical), skateboard supply shopping and basically, just being active outdoors, which is where Mason thrives. Mason’s current level of self- confidence as it relates to his skating has increased at least 10-fold, since lessons/skate camp! Mason also learned team-type of activities, which he really needs since he tends towards competitive (with himself and with others). Marco and jis crew from SK8 Gym are a dynamic group of adults, who have really mastered making kids feel in charge and giving them some agency! We will be back in the summer! Thanks, Marco and Co. Best, Sarah & Mason Grandi

Aisalkyn Aidarova

I take skateboarding classes at SK8 Gym and I am satisfied with job that my trainer does. As at age of 38 it's hard to catch on to new sport especially skateboarding, but we did it. My trainer is patient, and lessons are structured.

Sylvia Chen
San Francisco

Marko has clear instructions about how to learn skateboarding safely and smoothly. It's hard to find instructors who are good and can breakdown each step. Marko is great in that he can save you from falling, injures, and being frustrated. Highly recommended. Hopefully when they get bigger they can have app of coach scheduling calendars online!

Shaudee Navid
San Francisco

If you're an adult and have ever been curious about learning how to skateboard, turn those thoughts into reality by scheduling your first lesson with Marko today! I can't recommend him and SK8 GYM enough. He's not only a masterful skate teacher, but a mentor too - he has this uncanny ability to teach you how to skate while also imparting wisdom that's applicable well beyond the skateboard. I had never been on a skateboard until my first lesson with Marko but through his expertise, care, and encouragement, I'm now comfortably rolling down ramps and dropping in. The SK8 GYM staff is also wonderful - helpful and very responsive!

Cristy Cash
San Francisco, CA

We couldn’t be more pleased with SK8 Gym. The instructors are extremely talented at knitting the skills together in an accessible way. Hopefully our child can grow to be an instructor one day!

Jassim Latif
San Francisco, CA

Such phenomenal teachers. Our girls love going to SK8 Gym for lessons and camps. The staff is incredibly attentive, knowledgable, and supportive.

Leticia Trujillo
Whittier, CA

Great for beginner learners. My boys really enjoyed learning the basics.

Greg A.
Chicago, IL

My 7 year old son loves his skateboarding lessons here. He started out with no experience and has already made a ton of progress after a handful of lessons. Marko is a great teacher.

San Francisco, CA

Can't recommend enough. I really enjoy practicing skateboarding with them, particularly the teacher Marko. I only picked up skateboarding as an adult, and had no prior experience. He understands how adults learn skateboarding differently from kids very well, and made a curriculum to start from building necessary balance and core muscles, and giving me nice path ways to get on the board, which makes me feel so safe and gives me confidence! I love riding on the board and learn new techniques every time. Skateboarding with them is also amazing when you need effective exercises not just to be "cool". The teachers and the booking staff are extremely friendly and nice as well. I'm glad to meet them. Thank you so much.

Z Sifuentes
Kentfield, CA

I have been teaching in the classroom for nearly 20 years, and the first lesson my daughter had with Marko was like watching a master class in pedagogy. He broke skating down into the smallest skills, and then helped my daughter piece them together. It also felt like he was teaching life lessons at every turn, from focusing one one move at a time to learning how to fall. In her third lesson, he had her skate into a small ramp a couple of times, so she could learn what it feels like. These sorts of small steps, so thoughtfully planned out, has my kid on a board after three lessons.

Vivian O.
San Francisco Bay Area

Marko is a great coach, very patient, supportive and encouraging. My son (6) enjoys his lessons very much, and looks forward to the next one. I highly recommend Marko!

Meridith O.
Delray Beach, FL

During Marko's visit to Florida he gave our son and daughter both skateboard lessons. It was their first skate lesson and they absolutely loved it. Marko was very patient and sensitive to their individual needs. He continuously encouraged them and built up their confidence using fun games to learn new skills. Our kids still talk about the lesson and can't wait to see him again and get more lessons!!! Thanks Marko for bringing skating into our kids lives.

J A.
San Francisco Bay Area

Both of my sons were reluctant to try skateboarding at first but when we signed them up for skateboard lessons with Marko, all that changed. He has a natural talent for teaching and making kids feel comfortable, confident and safe. Our boys have grown to trust Marko as he takes them slightly out of their comfort zone and it shows in the skills they have learned on a skateboard. I absolutely recommend SK8 GYM to anyone who wants to learn to skate.

Mare L.
San Francisco Bay Area

My son's newfound interest in skateboarding was ignited into pure obsession after meeting Marko and the SK8 team. I have never seen my kid so passionate about diving into a new activity, perfecting his skills and honing his technique. After just a few private lessons with Marko--whose patience, compassion and love of the sport are incredibly inspiring--my son is already moving on that board like he owns it. For him, a two-hour lesson feels like 10 minutes because he is having so much fun, and by the end of it, he's sweaty, exhausted and thrilled that he learned something new, doing something he loves. During these longer lessons, Marko is usually accompanied by another instructor, so there are two pros showing him the ropes, and afterward Marko usually texts us a beautifully edited video showcasing the new moves my son has learned. Personally, I had no idea that skateboarding would be so effective at teaching my child the all-important life lesson that hard work and sheer determination are requirements for success in anything you set your mind to. Thank you, SK8!

Phoebe Schilla
Kentfield, CA

Marko is a terrific instructor, patient, observant and kind! My two younger kids and I (mom) have taken lessons from him, so I have experienced class as an onlooker as well as a student. The kids picked it up more quickly than I have, but learning has been really fun. Marko is great at teaching beginners tricks safely and making learning technique fun.

Kentfield, CA

My son enjoys his skateboarding classes with Marko every time! His teachings are very thorough & professional! We HIGHLY recommend this company.

Marek Andrzejewski
Kentfield, CA

Marko is a really nice guy and a great skater. I've had over 6 lessons with him and he even referred me to another skater for lessons. I am 21 years old and each lesson I learn something new that gives me more confidence to continue skating.

Frank Dreissen
Kentfield, CA

Out 8 year old son started taking skateboarding lessons wit Marko. He is amazing. He is a very good skateboarder, but then he is also a great teacher that connects with the kids. He really gets the best out of them, at a pace that works for the kid. Great guy, big thumbs up!

Whitney Jordan Cohen
Kentfield, CA

Think skateboarding is just a boy's domain -- think again! Girls are catching up fast, finding skateboarding a great sport to raise their self esteem and all around physical skills. My seven year old daughter and I are thrilled to have found a Bay Area skateboard instructor, Marko Kosta who specializes in teaching girls the art of skateboarding. Marko has the talent, patience and compassion to help your child excel and become a skateboard superstar!

Rati Sahi Levesque
San Francisco Bay Area

My kids leaned so much through SK* Gym. Not only are they better at skateboarding but the classes have helped with balance for all sports. Highly recommend!

Jeff Yasuda
San Francisco Bay Area

Marko and his team are absolutely awesome. My whole family has been working with Marko since he started his amazing business. Both my sons have taken lessons AND so have I (as I attempt to re-live my youth now that I'm in my 40s). Marko is incredibly patient but also technical enough to help you nail more advanced tricks. He is that rare combination of a sick skater AND a great teacher. Most importantly, he's just a kind human being and great guy. I'm lucky to have him as a coach and friend! Marko and his team are absolutely awesome. My whole family has been working with Marko since he started his amazing business. Both my sons have taken lessons AND so have I (as I attempt to re-live my youth now that I'm in my 40s). Marko is incredibly patient but also technical enough to help you nail more advanced tricks. He is that rare combination of a sick skater AND a great teacher. Most importantly, he's just a kind human being and great guy. I'm lucky to have him as a coach and friend!

Michael Endelman
San Francisco Bay Area

Our daughter has been taking lessons with Sk8 for a few months now and she just loves it -- she started without much experience at all, but now she's doing ramps, grinding on curbs and a lot more. Really great instructors.

Hope Rosenberg
San Francisco Bay Area

I can not say enough wonderful things about SK8 Gym Skateboarding lessons and what they do for my children. We first tried lessons with another skateboarding company which I thought was fine at the time. Once with started with SK8, I was shocked by the difference. The instructors, especially Marko, are kind and patient and add to each lesson in creative ways that keeps the lessons interesting and my kids progressing with each lesson they take. Marko has such a way of meeting children where they are at, balancing sincere specific praise with pushing them out of their comfort zones. He has really raised their confidence levels which, for me, goes even beyond the great skateboarding skills they are learning. My two children have very different natures and they both love their time with Marko and SK8 Gym, and it is so rewarding for me as a parent to watch them grow in this way. As an experienced educator myself, I really value when you find teachers with a strong work ethic who are natural with children. This has been our experience with Sk8. They are always quick to get back to us with communications as well and have made several recommendations that have helped my kids improve their skateboards and skateboarding. I highly recommend SK8 Gym for skateboarding lessons at all levels.

Gita Jacobson
San Francisco Bay Area

My daughter has been taking lessons with Sk8 Gym and loves it. She has learned so much and is able to skateboard with confidence. She enjoys the lessons and learning new tricks.

R Lin
San Francisco Bay Area

Marko is an amazing teacher—experienced, knowledgeable, patient, and kind. He clearly knows how to make the skateboarder novice feel comfortable on the board, and then lead him/her to more and more facility with the skateboard. He even has my very cautious child going down the slopes he was too afraid to tackle originally. I highly recommend Marko teach your child how to skateboard!

Jackie Tellez
San Francisco Bay Area

My son loves these sk8 lessons. Marko is on time, professional and teaches age appropriate skating tricks. The lessons are well worth the price . We took a break because we were out of town for the holidays . But can’t wait to book our next session.

Odessa Cooper
San Francisco Bay Area

My son recently started SK8 Gym’s skateboarding classes and he enjoys them very much. He has learned a lot in a short amount of time with Marko and Andres’ support. The entire SK8 Gym team is very professional and committed to providing great service and a fun experience.

Diane Shapiro Sommerfield
San Francisco Bay Area

Marko is amazing! He is such a gifted teacher. My son has gotten so much out of private skateboarding lessons with Marko. I highly recommend him!

Oakland, CA

I've had about 6 sessions or so with Jessica and they have all been so much fun! She encourages us that it's ok to make mistakes and not to fear falling cause it's a part of learning and getting better (and she teaches how to stay low and fall safely!) . My skating has improved, I've learned proper terminology, built a better foundation for skating and have developed a few new techniques as well. My only complaint, which is actually no fault of hers cause she doesn't set the price, is that the classes are pricey considering people are giving lessons for free or by donation all around town now. I do appreciate the consistent personal attention we can get from her and would like to continue with her but it's hitting my pocket book harder than I'd like it to! But Jessica has been a fab instructor! And as a plus, my class/skatemates are all super encouraging. If someone does a skilll or attempts something they were nervous about, even if not executed properly, there are claps and cheers. We definitely push each other to try!!

Moriah D.
Concord, CA

We did a group lesson for my son's 13th birthday and the kids, both boys and girls, had so much fun! It was incredible to see how much they learned over the course of two hours as well. Marko had two guys helping him which worked out great because the kids were all at different skill levels and abilities. They were all patient, engaging, and thorough but also knew how to keep a bunch of 13-year-olds in line (and safe). They supplied the boards and pads and the kids simply had to bring their helmets. Overall, great experience and I'm so happy to have found something that could be socially distanced, outdoors and safe. I would totally do this for my son again, even for a private lesson.

R L.
San Francisco

I love Marko and Sk8 Gym. Marko made it so easy for my child to learn skateboarding. For those who are afraid of commitment, you can rent the equipment (board, pads, helmet) from him and he brings it to the lesson. He was so great with my physically cautious child. He starts from the very foundational basics, even more basic than I would have thought skateboarding needed. Because of that, though, my child enjoyed the classes from the very start. He is very patient and kind, and explains everything. Thank you so much, Marko.

Gabriel F.

The experience could not have been better. Marco was flexible and accommodating in terms of our schedule. The class was super well structured. It was the first time our 9-year-old girl and our 6-year-old boy rode. Marco created a safe and challenging environment for them. They went through several different exercises that both built up their skills and confidence and at the same time got them excited about the sport. That's so challenging to do. In my experience classes are either to methodical and boring or over-challenge the kids and make them uncomfortable. Marco achieved a perfect balance and my kids are super eager to continue their riding. Thank you Marco, you contributed to a great day for our family!

Brian D.
San Francisco, CA

On my last visit to SF , my son was introduced to skating by his cousin, who had just started also. He was already taking classes with Marko and his team for a few months now, so my son signed up for a class along with cousin. Myself being a (old) skate rat from the east coast. I was curious to see how this was going to go down. All I have to say is, AWESOME! Marko was able to get my son comfortable on a board real fast. He used balence techniques that I have never thought of, that gave my son the confidence to "get after it"! My son was hooked after that and went back for a second class before our trip back home to NY. The Sk8 Gym team provided positive reinforcement, knowledge, and most of all fun when introducing skateboarding to my son and I couldn't have been more impressed. They should definitely try to bring Sk8 Gym out to the east coast. The experience is well worth it!

Caroline S.
London, UK

My son has had both private and group lessons with SK8Gym. His skateboarding has improved dramatically in the last 6 months because of the close attention all the instructors pay to him. These lessons have given him confidence both on and off his skateboard. The group lessons are really great value for money compared to others. They are also fun. SK8Gym also do skate parties, supplying all the equipment. My son said these are also really fun and very well organised. I would highly recommend Marko and his SK8GYM team, they are skilled, responsible, encouraging and great value.

Sally K.
Westminister, CO

Written by my wonderful wife Celia who does not have a Yelp! account. She is too busy skating and mountain biking to spend time online. "Marko is an amazing skateboard instructor. He customizes his teaching methods to the skill level of his students. When he asks you to work on a new drill or move, you know you are ready for it. Marko never under or over challenges you thus his classes are safe. Besides, safety and protection are his priority. He is very encouraging and I love all the different probes (railings, balancing boards, ramps, etc) he brings to the lessons to practice techniques. I never thought I was going to skateboard on a railing! I recommend him to teach anyone at any age!"

David B.
San Rafael, CA

My daughter has been working with Marko for about a month now... Not only has her skateboarding skills improved dramatically but Marko is one of the most positive supportive and encouraging coaches I have experienced. What I really appreciate about Marko is his professionalism and the seriousness with which he takes his craft... And make no doubt about it, skateboarding is a craft and his attention to detail, safety while making it fun and enjoyable at the same time is a joy to witness. My daughter's confidence level has skyrocketed and she has way more tricks, literally, in her bag now. I recommend Marko without hesitation and I look forward to continuing to watch him work with my daughter.

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