Please be sure to read all the information below to get the most out of your Rollerblading time

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checkList to prepare for ROLLERBLADING

  1. Be sure to bring your properly sized and well-maintained ROLLERBLADES and protective gear. Or rent them from us at least 24 hours in advance of your lesson via the Sk8Gym Online Rental Shop
  2. Check rollerblade parts are working correctly (wheels rolling smoothly, cushions not disintegrated if vintage, straps laces not frayed).
  3. Try blades on prior to first lesson to ensure correct sizing and proper fit.
  4. Arrive early to suit up blades and protective gear before the start of the lesson.
  5. Optional protective gear: Bum saver, mouth guard
  6. Socks: Wear cushioned crew socks to avoid blisters
  7. Bring plenty of drinking water
  8. Apply sunscreen prior to your outdoor lesson/class

Protective gear needed - details on Gear Up Page

  • REQUIRED - > Helmet
  • REQUIRED - > Knee & Elbow pads
  • REQUIRED - > Wrist Guards
  • OPTIONAL - > Bumsaver, mouth guard