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SK8 GYM, Corp. is a leader in skateboarding, rollerskating and rollerblading training, consultation and education. Our signature curriculum, SK8 GYM WAY® is the practice of combining educational formulas designed for implementing comprehensive training techniques in a safe, guided and fun learning environment. We have created skate programs for thousands of students and developed a complete curriculum which meets National and State Physical Education Standards.

We offer lessons and classes geared toward kids 6+, teens, and adults of all ages.

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SK8 GYM, Corp. Employs an elite team of certified instructors who provide skate training for students in California and across the country.
Rollerskate & Rollerblade instructors: certified through Skate IA.
Skateboard instructors: certified via US Skateboard Education.


Received criminal background clearance through the DOJ & FBI.
Covered by our comprehensive liability insurance policy.
First aid certified via National CPR Foundation and carry first aid kit.
Vaccinated against COVID-19.
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