1. Clean bearings frequently.
  2. If there is metal showing through the toe/heel stop, it's time to replace it. You can rotate if you use one more than the other.
  3. Check for fraying on laces,replace if necessary. 72 inches is the standard roller skate lace length.
  4. Make sure all bolts connecting boot to plate are tight.
  5. Adjust truck tightness as needed
  6. Check cushions for disintegration if your skates are vintage or second hand.
  7. Rotate wheels every once in awhile. You will know its time to rotate your skate wheels when you see that one side of your wheels -usually the inside edge - is wearing down more quickly than the other.
  8. Check that toe stops are screwed in tight before skating.


Be on the lookout for these skate differences when shopping. Choose what fits your skating goals and needs
 *Heeled skates are easier to learn in and provide ankle support*
*Adjustable toe stops are useful to personalize toe stop height to your liking, ease of movement, and adjusting once worn down*
Recreational Quad Outdoor
Longlasting & Quality (Beginner/Intermediate)

*alloptions are heeled skates, and include adjustable toe stops, outdoor wheels, and metal trucks

  1. Suregrip Boardwalk (Mens 4-10): $230
  2. Jackson Vista Viper (Womens 4-10): $200
  3. Moxi Beach Bunny (Kids 1-Mens 10): $160
  4.  Riedel Citizen (Kids 1 - mens 13): $140

GOOD QUALITY skates: (Beginner)

  1. C7 Forget Me Not (Kids 1 - Mens 10): $140
  2. Candi Girl Carlin (Womens 3-11): $110
  3. Impala Quad Skate (womens 5-11): $100
  4. Angel quad skate (kids 1 - mens 13): $100


  1. All intermediate level skates mentioned above
  2. Chaya Kismet Barbie Patin (Women's 6-12): $270
  3. Moxi Lolly with fudae wheels (women's 5-11): $400
  4. Custom Shoe skates (any size): $450+


Wheels are measured by hardness and diameter in millimeters.

  1. Hardness is indicated by a number and a letter. Roller Skate wheels typically range from78-103, “A” for urethane compound wheels and “D” for less common plastic compound wheels.
  2.  The lower the number, the softer the wheel (more grip, little less roll). 75-88A
  3. The higher the number the harder the wheel (less grip, little more roll).  92-103A
  4. Diameter: The smaller the wheel diameter, the lower your center of gravity and the easier you can maneuver. The larger the wheeL diameter, the higher your center of gravity and the more traction you will have.
  5. Extra Small, 47mm-55mm wheels are typically very hard and used for sliding and shuffle skating (highest maneuverability, glide easily)
  6. Small, 57mm wheels are used primarily for freestyle/artistic skating (high maneuverability)
  7. Mid-Size, 62mm wheels are used for indoor skating, speed,derby & dance skating (some traction, sustained speed)
  8. Large, 60mm - 70mm wheels are used for outdoor skating (highest traction)

  1.  Higher hardness 92-103A
  2. Slippery and increasedmaneuverability for advanced tricks
  3. Do not absorb shock of texturedsurfaces
  4. Faster roll

  1. Low hardness 88-78A
  2. Sticky and decreased maneuverability for advanced tricks
  3. Absorb shock of textured surfaces
  4. Slower rolL

  1. In between indoor & outdoor hardness
  2. Universal wheel for range of surfaces

toe stops

Toestops come in a range of sizes and shapes. Larger toe stops last longer. We recommend adjusting your toe stops lower at first to learn.  
Adjustable Toe Stops:
Most adjustable toe stops are available in short and long stems. Long stems aredesigned to adjust lower and short stems are designed to adjust higher.
Bolt-On (Nonadjustable) Top Stops
Bolt-on toe stopshave a non-adjustable 5/16" bolt through the center which screws all theway in to the plate

rollerskate tools

● Universal skate crabtool- adjusts most trucks, wheels, and adjustable toe stops with a toe stop nut: $10
● Bearing press- removes and installs bearings into wheels: $60
● Bones bearing cleaning unit: container for bearing maintenance
● Screwdriver: used for bolt on toestops
● Allen wrench: used for adjustable toe stops without a toe stop nut

rollerskate accessories

● Boot covers: prevents scuffing on entire boot
● Slide blocks (intermediate level skatepark only): Used to slide on coping

Northern & Southern Ca & online skate shops

  1. Atomic Skate Exchange - Irvine
  2. Pigeons Roller Skate Shop - Long Beach
  3. Fresca's - Las Vegas
  4. Surf City Skates - Huntington Beach
  5. Wicked Skate Wear - Los Angeles
  6. Quad Republic - El Cerrito (SF Bay Area)