1. There are several board styles: trick boards, penny boards, cruiser/ long boards,classics/ vintage boards and more. Our curriculum is designed for learning tricks on a trick board therefore lessons/ classes require a trick board. Trick boards have a ‚Äúpopsicle‚ÄĚ shape. Please do not show up to your lesson with any other type of board.
  2. Please avoid purchasing a COMPLETE trick skateboard from a big-box retailer or anywhere for that matter. Many Many times these Complete boards come with less than desirable parts (e.g. trucks that don't turn/ respond well) making a very difficult activity even more difficult. It's best to purchase PART SEPARATELY and from online or local skateboard shops as they carry professional grade parts. Consider purchasing a skate tool and bring with you when skateboarding. Our certified instructors can assemble your board at the start of your lesson.
  3. Make sure your board is not excessively damaged: chips, cracks, rusting/ water damaged, griptape missing or peeling off, coned wheels, broken bearings. Superficial scratches are not of concern, they are actually very common as skill progresses.
  4. Arrive early to suit up protective gear before the start of the lesson and conduct warm up stretches.
  5. Clothing: gym style wear provides added comfort when skateboarding (pants advised for leg Protection)
  6. Shoes - skateboarding shoes recommended. Low-soled sneakers will also work. Slip-ons not recommended. All laces & straps must be tight.
  7. Bring plenty of drinking water.
  8. Apply sunscreen prior to your outdoor lesson or class.


  1. Wheels are measured by hardness indicated by a number and a letter and diameter in millimeters.
  2. Hardness is indicated by a number and a letter. Skateboard wheels typically range from 78-103, ‚ÄúA‚ÄĚ for urethane compound wheels (A is Recommended) and ‚ÄúD‚ÄĚ for less common plastic compound wheels (Not Recommended).
  3. For tricks boards we highly recommend wheel hardness of 97A-103A and wheel size of 52mm ‚Äď 55mm.


  1. Trucks are also measured in millimeters across the hanger, which houses the axle.
  2. As the deck width changes so does the need to get different sized trucks, in most cases but not always, truck can accommodate small changes in deck sizes.
  3. We only recommend the following truck brands: Independent, Thunder and Venture.

sf bay area, LA, OC, & Chicago skate shops

  1. DLX - San Francisco                      https://www.dlxsf.com/
  2. FTC - San Francisco                 https://www.ftcsf.com/newsite/
  3. 510 Skate Shop - East Bay           https://510skateboarding.com/
  4. Up The Creek records - East Bay http://www.upthecreekrecords.com/
  5. Proof Lab - Marin County      https://www.prooflab.com/
  6. Legends Board Shop - Whittier, CA https://www.legendsboardshop.net/
  7. 2 Felons Skate Co - Whittier, CA https://twofelons.bigcartel.com/
  8. Identity Boardshop - Buena Park, CA https://www.idboardshop.com/
  9. CONTENDERS Boardshop - Orange, CA   https://contendersboardshop.com/
  10. Legends Boardshop - Garden Grove, CA
  11. Uprise - Chicago                     https://upriseskateshop.com/
  12. First Gear - Chicago.              https://www.firstgearskateshop.com/