Tiburon, CA


  • Private Lessons and Semi-Private  Classes
  • Starts @ $45/hour
  • Courses Offered:
    Learn to Skate, Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced
  • Available Rentals:
    Skateboards, Knee & Elbow Pads, Wrist Guards, Bumsavers
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  • For new skateboarding students with under 2 weeks of skateboarding experience
  • Using stationary simulations and training to develop balance, focus, muscle memory, core and leg strength required for successful dynamic skateboarding.
  • Non-pushing dynamic skating.
  • For students who have tried skateboarding and have at least 2-4 weeks of experience. *Not Eligible for skatepark lessons.*
  • Learning proper pushing and feet placement, turning Techniques, safely stopping, bailing and falling. Pumping and other maneuvers.
  • mix of stationary and dynamic training
  • For students who have a strong command of the beginner basics and are ready to learn more advanced tricks.
  • Using dynamic training to improve basics tricks and learn intermediate moves such as ollies, drop-ins, grinds, slides, spins, flips, switch stance and more.
  • Eligible for skatepark lessons
  • For students who have a strong command of  intermediate level tricks and are ready to string together lines and trick combinations.
  • competition training
  • Eligible for skatepark lessons
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be prepared for rollerskating lesson

Be sure to bring your properly sized and well-maintained rollerskates and protective gear or rent them from us at least 24 hours in advance of your lesson via our online rental shop.

Required protective gear:

Helmet, knee/ elbow pads and wrist guards.
○    Helmets should fit snug around the head and front sits just above the eyebrows
○     knee pads slip go on before skates
○     Wrist guards-plastic part sits on the palm side of hand
●     Socks: Wear cushioned crew socks to avoid blisters
●     Bring plenty of drinking water
●     Apply sunscreen prior to your outdoor lesson/ class
●    Check rollerskate parts are intact and functioning well; toe stops screwed in tight, wheels rolling, cushions not disintegrated if vintage, laces not frayed.

Arrive early to gear up before the start of the lesson.


Protective gear needed - details on Gear Up Page

  • REQUIRED - > Helmet
  • REQUIRED - > Knee & Elbow pads
  • REQUIRED - > Wrist Guards
  • OPTIONAL -> Bumsaver, shin guards, mouth guard